Atlas® Edge 801 HD Truck Alignment Machine Combo (Prepaid Freight))

Atlas® Equipment - Item #: ATECOMBO-801-ST-FPD

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Atlas® Edge 801 HD Truck Alignment Machine Combo (Prepaid Freight))

Atlas Edge 801 Heavy Duty Truck Alignment Machine Combo with 3 Point FastClamps, Turntables, Trailer Fixture and Calibration Bar:

The Atlas® Edge 801 Alignment Machine is the most innovative large (over the road semi) truck alignment system sold throughout the world. The Atlas® 801 features a Bluetooth wireless data transmission system and the software is customized for all truck axle configurations – 2, 3, 4 and 5 axle configurations. 

This system combines speedy setup features, precision accuracy, and reliable Bluetooth ® wireless communication at a very affordable cost. Its measurement and information center is PC Driven using high quality PC components (that can be purchased locally) and managed by Windows XP Pro ®. After measurements are made, the Atlas® 801 stores and prints detailed alignment reports (comparing actual truck alignment specifications to factory recommended alignment specification). 

Total Wheel Alignment System:

The Atlas® 801 alignment system measures all axles simultaneously and not just a single axle at a time. When one corner of the vehicle is changed, measurements for the 3 other corners are updated. It measures collision angles such as axle set back and offset to help diagnose uncommon problems.


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