Autogage Heavy Duty Battery Tester, 12V

Auto Meter Products, Inc. - Item #: AUTBT-400

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Autogage Heavy Duty Battery Tester, 12V

Features and Benefits:

  • Uses Conductance Technology
  • Battery is shown in percentage of Capacity
  • Tests 12v, 24v and 36v Starting/Charging systems
  • Tests 6v and 12v batteries
  • Tests 42v Mild Hybrid Starter/Charging systems
  • Specifications
    Battery Test Range (Auto): 390 to 650 CCA
    Battery Test Range (Truck): 650 to 1700 CCA
    DC Voltage Range: 3.9V to 49.9V/ +/- 2% of reading
    Voltage Accuracy: +/- 2% reading
    Capacity/Volts Display: LED- 4 digits
    Battery Cable Length: 48" 
    Bar Graph: 10 color-coded LEDs
    Weight: 0.75lbs
    Dimensions: 7.5”L x 3”W x 1” H

    The BT-400 Tests 12V heavy-duty auto, truck, commercial and marine batteries and 12/24/36 Volt starter and charging systems including 42V Mild Hybrid systems. Battery size is not required to be entered into the unit. Simply choose between automotive or truck battery type batteries for testing. Eliminates tester input errors and allows the testing of batteries of unknown size. LED Bar Graph immediately displays battery condition upon pressing the TEST button. Includes 4 ft heavy-duty abrasion resistant cables for trucks with hard to reach battery compartments.


WARNING for California residents.

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