12V Battery and Electrical System Analyzer with 4' Leads

Midtronics - Item #: MIDCPX-900P

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12V Battery and Electrical System Analyzer with 4' Leads

Features & Benefits:

  • Midtronics' latest battery testing technology -Conductance Profiling!
  • Test by Year-Make-Model or manual data-entry.
  • 3.5" color display is easy to read.
  • On-tool Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities support flexible network connectivity.
  • Supports conventional lead-acid, AGM, Gel, and EFB(enhanced flooded batteries).

CPX-900 replaces the EXP-800, and offers the latest in battery testing technology -Conductance Profiling. In addition to Midtronics' patented Conductance algorithms on CCA testing, the CPX-900 platform adds a 1-minute, 10A load to evaluate battery Reserve Capacity. Known as Conductance Profiling, this innovative new approach compares the response of the battery under load with a broad database of known good and known bad batteries. The result is the most decisive and most accurate battery test methodology to date! First introduced in their DSS platform, the CPX platform now enables you to get this technology at a lower price-point. CPX-900P includes integrated printer and4' field-replaceable test leads.


WARNING for California residents.

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